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Oarinspired arrives on kickstarter

Just a short post today to highlight that following what sounded like a successful stand at the Sydney World Cup last weekend that Oarinspired have now put their product onto kickstarter for a final push to get the product onto the … Continue reading

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OarInspired – Show your interest

Just a quick post to highlight that I noticed today that Oarinspired have updated their website to mention proposed availability of their product: http://www.oarinspired.com.au/index.php/availability It is good to see that Oarinspired have committed to  a “low margin high volume approach to … Continue reading

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Rowing Telemetry – Just for the elite?

Previously I’ve touched on several companies that either have on the market, or are looking to bring onto the market, products for measuring the boat telemetry or a rowers stroke in order to see ways of improving that stroke to … Continue reading

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