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Thoughts on cycling’s new automatically adapting training plan and how it could be done for Rowers

Anyone who is following developments in the cycling world over the last few years will know that there are a number of cheap/easy to use automated training plans for cycling that were set up based on your FTP (functional threshold … Continue reading

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ErgIQ review – connecting your PM5 to your Garmin watch

ErgIQ is an app that has been developed to run in conectIQ – Garmin’s app development software – and let’s you connect your Garmin watch directly to your PM5 monitor to directly record data to your watch for uploading to … Continue reading

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New Kickstarter – Ergstick – Automatically record your C2 scores

The Concept 2 ergo has been the standard on land training kit for rowers for a number of years now with the Performance Monitor (PM) being its most useful part as it translates the effort that you put into every … Continue reading

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Setting rowing training intensity with lactate testing

We all know how much time and effort professional athletes put into their sports, rowing in the GB squad for example is now a full time job with most of them training 7 days a week in order to reach … Continue reading

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