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I am a rower who is a lot of a technology geek as well!

Thoughts on cycling’s new automatically adapting training plan and how it could be done for Rowers

Anyone who is following developments in the cycling world over the last few years will know that there are a number of cheap/easy to use automated training plans for cycling that were set up based on your FTP (functional threshold … Continue reading

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Rowperfect – connecting a tablet and how to upload your workouts to rowsandall/strava/TrainingPeaks

The Rowperfect was the first (and arguably still the best) Dynamic ergo available to rowers, unlike the more common “static” ergo like the standard Concept 2 with a seat that is free to move on a slide, a Dynamic ergo … Continue reading

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Testing two singles using the NK Empower Oarlock

Thought this might be of interest, this weekend I ran a comparison between two singles using the NK Empower gate and I thought people might find it useful to see the data collected in the test – to avoid any … Continue reading

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NK updates their calibration tool

Over Henley Royal I found out that NK had updated their calibration tool, basically to make it considerably more durable than the original one, which as I was already on my second one (which I had also broken) was great … Continue reading

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Autofollow Drone and sculling

I have already shared this video on social media, but felt it is worth writing a short post about as well. Before I start talking about using a Drone, I will say make sure to check you local laws on … Continue reading

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Recommended Podcast – Browshowpodcast

With thanks to Sander who helped me stumble across it, I wanted to write a short post to strongly recommend you check out the browshow podcast (link below) Featuring Rod Siegel (sports scientist) and Bill Tait (rowing coach and technology … Continue reading

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Concept 2 logbook now exports to Strava, TrainingPeaks and FitBit

Previously an issue with the concept 2 ergo was that although it was very easy to upload the data to their logbook (either using the C2 logbook card or more recently their ergdata app), moving that workout data along to … Continue reading

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