Rowing news – data driven future

A really great piece on how rowing in the future is going to be a lot more data driven, with the huge potential for rowers to make their training and technique even more efficient

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I am a rower who is a lot of a technology geek as well!
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2 Responses to Rowing news – data driven future

  1. And what did you think of my remarks there, Tom?

    • stelph82 says:

      Id agree with your points – power meters and rowing telemetry have the potential to revolutionise rowing technique and training but without a good understanding of what you are looking for and why they are pretty much pointless, that’s why people who worry that tech will reduce or remove the coaches role are not understanding what these types of products are bringing to the sport, ideally they act to support the coach/rower with their goals.

      It would be nice to see companies that are developing new power meters (e.g. NK, Sweetzpot etc) put the effort into coaching software so that people find it easier to use them to identify how to get better, in cycling for example its possible to get a trainingpeaks account and see roughly the numbers you should be hitting with your power meter or even pay for a professional coach to review and feedback on your data

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