Rowperfect – connecting a tablet and how to upload your workouts to rowsandall/strava/TrainingPeaks

The Rowperfect was the first (and arguably still the best) Dynamic ergo available to rowers, unlike the more common “static” ergo like the standard Concept 2 with a seat that is free to move on a slide, a Dynamic ergo has both a seat and also the flywheel free to move on a slide, something that brings an additional technical aspect into using one and exercises not only your cardiovascular system but also your technique and muscle memory as if you try and row the rowperfect without good sequencing of the body of the stroke you’ll end up clanging into one end of the slide!

First of all the most important thing to get with your rowperfect is the computer adapter which allows you to connect a tablet and android app to the rowperfect, this increases the usability 100,000% as it allows you to set workouts, connect a HR monitor and also see your force curve and other metrix (like power, energy per stroke etc) live while you are rowing. The computer connector is available from RowWare for the original rowperfect and RP3


Once installed you also need to have an android device – any will do but I find the ideal screen size to be an 8” tablet – any that has USG OTG should work, I have a Lenovo tab which works fine (excuse the crack, the tablet still works despite that)


The cable needs a fat “printer” style USB B like the one in the photo to a micro USB to connect the adapter to the tablet

The RP3 has an official mount which you can buy, and for the Rowperfect I used a grip mount which works well although I am sure there are other options


You’re all set!

Now a downside to the RP in relation to the concept 2 is that C2 have made great strides into making it easier to log, download and share your workouts on training sites like TrainingPeaks, Strava etc and unfortunately the RP3 app doesn’t natively support that – however there is a way to share the workouts if you go through rowsandall and pleasingly it is all possible via mobile so you don’t need to fire up a PC.

So to summarise what you will be doing, you will be emailing the workout from the app to Rowsandall, then in Rowsandall you will be exporting it to the site of choice (strava/TP ect) – a little bit of a faff but it works well with those sites recognising the cadence/rate, heart rate and power.

Firstly email the workout CSV to yourself which will email you a link which you can click on to download the workout CSV


Then save it to dropbox


Then email the workout to making sure to send from the same email address that you are registered to the site with


And then in Rowsandall your workout is ready! You can review the workout in detail here, and also export it to strava/trainingpeaks etc using the “export” button to the services you have linked


A few too many steps really, mostly because there doesn’t seem to be a way to download and email the CSV directly from within the app (otherwise you could just email it directly to rowsandall from the app), however its good that it does work as it makes it easier to track the rowperfect workouts in your training log of choice.

It’s great to have this feature as it makes it easier to track all your workouts in your logging site of choice, in future it would be excellent if rowsandall allowed more detailed analysis of your power curve like you can with the NK empower gate, and if rowperfect updates their app to export to rowsandall directly

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