Concept 2 logbook now exports to Strava, TrainingPeaks and FitBit

Previously an issue with the concept 2 ergo was that although it was very easy to upload the data to their logbook (either using the C2 logbook card or more recently their ergdata app), moving that workout data along to another training plan site (like Strava or Trainingpeaks) was more challenging making it hard to log your land based rowing workouts in those sites.

Thankfully as of the 7th May C2 have now made it easier to integrate with other sites so you can now log your workout using the ergdata app (and keep adding up those meters towards the million meters challenge) but also automatically export it to one of the above sites, or even as a .fit file if your site of choice isn’t listed

Its really good to see C2 make this update, its perhaps not as intuitive as enabling the automatic sync via the ergdata app, but since you only need to set it up the once and it then automatically will upload your workouts from then on its a great step!


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5 Responses to Concept 2 logbook now exports to Strava, TrainingPeaks and FitBit

  1. Boris says:

    Amazing. Can’t believe it… it took only ~1.5 years. We’ll see how long it takes till autosync to Garmin Connect will be possible. 😂 (Currently the exported .fit files from aren’t compatible with manual upload at

    • stelph82 says:

      Ah that’s a pain to hear, personally I’m sticking with my Garmin route for now as it’s the easiest automatic route for erg and water data to pass and sync with connect/strava – now if someone could just release a power meter for rowing that supports ant+ and has a connectiq app that would be perfect

      • Boris says:

        I would really like that C2’s PM5 would just transmit live -Power, -SPM (Cadence), -Speed/pace and -HR via it’s corresponding ANT+ profiles (PWR, CAD, SPD, HR).

        THAT would open up the range of usability by a incredible huge amount. With this use case it would make indoor erging far more enjoyable.

  2. Jonathan B. Horen says:

    This long-time (1/2002) C2 user finds it lamentable that while Concept2 has resurrected its Logbook-to-User_Social_Media auto-posts, it has done so at the expense of its Facebook users. Strava? Garmin? I doubt very much that any of their users post workouts manually, relying instead on data-entry from wireless devices attached to their equipment. But many of us don’t work that way, and don’t use those social-media sites; thus we were dismayed at C2’s sudden and arbitrary abandonment of its faithful Facebook users. I don’t object to C2 developing new and exciting monitors and their software; however, those of us with P3/P4 hardware, who are meticulous about entering post-workout data into their online C2 Logbooks, have been left out in the cold.

    How about it, C2 — bring back the Concept2 Logbook-to-Facebook auto-posts!

    • Jonathan B. Horen says:

      I apologize. It seems that C2 has, in fact, brought back their Logbook-to-Facebook workout postings. I guess that’s what can happen when a guy stops rowing for almost a year. Here’s the C2 reply to my query about it, on their Facebook page:

      “You can post your workouts to Facebook! When you click into the detail of a workout in the Logbook, you will see an area over near the top-right of the workout (if you’re logged in on a computer) with a header that says “Visible To.” Just beneath that are your sharing options – Facebook, Twitter, and email. If you use the Logbook on your phone, same thing – click into the workout detail and scroll down to see the sharing options. Hope that helps!”

      It did! (and I told ’em so, too)

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