workshop – why use biomechanics

An interesting post by the training platform site for rowers where they describe a presentation made by guest speaker Connie Draper to talk about why to use biomechanics

One of the main focuses in the article is the mention of measuring not just the forces used when driving the boat through the water (i.e. the NK Empower Oarlock), but also the forces involved during the recovery – where you will both pull on the footplate to bring the boat towards you, and also push on the footplate as you approach the catch and prepare for the catch and drive off the stroke – this sequencing is one of the hardest challenges rowers have to learn and is something discussed in more detail by Rowing in Motion previously  and also Drew Ginn

Measuring of footplate forces is possible with the high end systems like Peach and Biorow, perhaps the next stage for the affordable range is to add sensors for measuring footplates as well to measure where we are wasting boat speed during the recovery



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