ErgIQ review – connecting your PM5 to your Garmin watch

ErgIQ is an app that has been developed to run in conectIQ – Garmin’s app development software – and let’s you connect your Garmin watch directly to your PM5 monitor to directly record data to your watch for uploading to Garmin connect. The app itself is still in Beta and you can read more about and interact with the developer in the forum.

To install the app – make sure that you have a supported Garmin device and that your PM5 is updated to the latest firmware – personally I am using the Garmin Vivoactive HR which as I reviewed earlier is currently one of the best GPS watches for rowers available and is available on amazon for £179.99 at the time of writing.

To install – go to the Smartphone app and click on the connectiq store

Now search for ergiq

And the app will install to your device once you next sync and when you open the app you’ll see this screen

To run the app, first set up your PM5 so it is ready to detect the Garmin. Select more options

Then select turn wireless on

Your Garmin will connect by ANT+ so press connect with Ant+

Now on the Garmin you should see a pair request which lists a 4 digit number which is the last 4 numbers of your monitors serial number.

One you press yes you will see the same screen as when you opened the app on your watch, but now it will say “row” in the top left in green


And now you’re ready to go! Note that you don’t need to press start or stop or anything – just program the workout into the PM5 and then once you are done and you press menu on the PM5 then the Garmin app automatically ends and records the workout. Workouts are recorded on one continuous feed as well so even during “rest” parts of intervals it is still recording your HR (providing you connected your chest belt to the PM5) and wattage.

As with any workout now when you next open the Garmin app you will see your workout – however you will notice the data is unusual

Trust me I took more than 12 strokes this workout!

The issue is with the level of access that Garmin allows developers – at this time connectiq apps are not allowed to record data to the main Garmin fields – instead they have to record the data to Connectiq fields instead, and if you go to the more detailed data in the app (second tab) and scroll down you will find it

And in the graphs tab

This is great for connectiq – however not if you want to share your data to other training sites like Strava as they don’t recognise the connectiq data – so you get heart rate and cadence data however therefore details power are all blank.


EDIT : it’s worth noting that it’s possible to link ergIQ and a smartphone app to the PM5 at the same time as a nice backup – so ErgData or PainSled at the same time as ergIQ – nice!


In Summary then – the app works really well for its intended use of getting your rowing power data into Garmin Connect – once you have loaded the app and connected it to the PM5 its completely hands off in logging the workout and then automagically uploading it to Garmin Connect which is brilliant – however it is less good if you want to do something else with your data…. sadly due to the current restrictions meaning the app can’t record to the main data fields and has to use the ConnectIQ fields instead that means the essential power data is blank when the file is synced elsewhere like strava – making it only as useful as the standard indoor rowing app Garmin comes with anyway – and that has less steps to perform when running the apps.

Therefore I would have to say if you are only interested in putting data into Garmin and you have access to a PM5 then this app is perfect, however if you have any interest in copying the data elsewhere or you have a PM4 or earlier then ergIQ currently cannot help until Garmin allow the correct fields to be updated – and you should look to options like Painsled uploading directly or ergdata uploading through Rowsandall as your best options.


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6 Responses to ErgIQ review – connecting your PM5 to your Garmin watch

  1. EndureRow says:

    Thank you for this informative post. We have shared it on our Facebook page.

  2. rutty says:

    Thanks for the app and the information. I’ve been looking forward to trying this out. it’s a shame the gym nearest my office only has PM3s, but I can get to a PM5 every now and again

  3. BorenToBeWild says:

    I can’t seem to get my VAHR to connect to a PM5. Is it erg software?

  4. I’m pretty excited about this. Thanks for the review and detailed screenshots. Need to set this up on my Forerunner.

  5. Have their been any improvements on this front? I get questions from users on ConnectIQ apps working with the C2 PM5

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