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ErgIQ review – connecting your PM5 to your Garmin watch

ErgIQ is an app that has been developed to run in conectIQ – Garmin’s app development software – and let’s you connect your Garmin watch directly to your PM5 monitor to directly record data to your watch for uploading to … Continue reading

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Other sites using TRIMP for rowing

Adding on to the post yesterday on the StravistiX – Sander has updated his blog with a post talking about other sites that use TRIMP and comparing his data across a number of sites – worth a read! Over on … Continue reading

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StravistiX – A Strava plugin which can help with rowing

StravistiX is a chrome plugin for your Strava account that lets you track your workouts over time and gives you an idea how your fitness/fatigue is changing over time. How does it do that? Well it basically uses your recorded … Continue reading

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