NK Empower gate starts to ship

Buff said really, NK have started to ship their gates out to people who have already pre-ordered 

As I’m in the U.K. I’m hoping there will be an announcement of availability over here soon, plus announcements from data management companies (Rowe.rs for example) how users can start using the power data in training since a major part of using power data is the analysis between rowing 


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I am a rower who is a lot of a technology geek as well!
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4 Responses to NK Empower gate starts to ship

  1. Richard says:

    Amazed they didn’t let you get your hands on one when you were over in Boston. You are the official UK rowing product tester, like a DC Rainmaker of the rowing world. You need to sell this blog a little harder when talking to people in the future as I am sure Girl on the River could have got one 😉

    OarSport website saying pre-order soon, strange not to have retweeted the video NK put up. NK saying they will start to ship out to foreign dealers first/second week December. I guess OarSport will be limited on number they can receive in first few shipments other wise they would have offered pre-order to know how many to order across. Have you had a word with OarSport?

    • stelph82 says:

      I have had one or two things provided for me to test but I’d be surprised to get a £600 item for review! It’s arguably better to buy and test myself anyway since it removed any bias

      Funnily enough they did know about the site, as when I was asking a few questions about the gate and they mentioned they’d seen the articles on this blog and were working on ways to resolve them/why they weren’t an issue, so I fessed up that it was my blog! They were very good about it, you can tell with the main guy who’s been developing it that’s it’s his baby but he freely admits that there’s areas they need to work on and that it’s just a first step that they want to get right

      Haven’t spoken to oarsport, again not too fussed about any special treatment and work has me travelling a lot early December so chances are I may not be able to order or use one before xmas

  2. Richard says:

    “I have had one or two things provided for me to test but I’d be surprised to get a £600 item for review!”
    Don’t be surprised, you should expect it. I am surprised as a reader of your blog that you don’t. The fact you have had products provided to test before sets a president. Maybe you could have had a trial Empower Gate months ago, ready for a full review being posted yesterday. Having an independent review on the day they ship would be a big positive for NK marketing.

    I’m not aware of any other blogs that seek out new rowing tech as much as you do on here. I think lending a £600 gate to someone as visible as you are in the UK rowing scene (you race internationally as well) is in quite safe hands. Not just looking at your blog but that you train on Henley reach and your race performances are right up there. I really can’t see why companies aren’t approaching you all the time to review their rowing products.

    Obviously I have no idea of how many hits you get, but your pages seem very well indexed on Google. I think a lot of people would respect your opinion on anything you are reviewing, your insight on training methods have surely got me to look at how I train. Reading your write ups I think you would keep it unbiased in the same way DC Rainmaker does. Return the testing product then buy your own if you want it (I am sure he must get discount although he was buying Go Pro’s at an airport the other day).

    Now put pressure on SweetZpot to try their product before launch so you have a full review on day of shipping 😉
    I won’t mention OarInspired or Yepp as they are always very quiet. Unless you are off to Australia sometime soon linking up with them I would expect to be quite difficult.

  3. Just wanted to mention that NK Empower Oarlocks are fully supported by rowsandall.com. If you use it with CSV or FIT files from SpeedCoach+Empower combo, you will get the Power as reported by the NK combo, and Premium members of rowsandall.com will have the Catch, Slip, Wash and Finish angles available in the Flex Chart, as well as a Stroke Profile chart.

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