NK open pre orders for Empower oarlock

NK have just announced that pre-orders of their empower oarlock are now open, details of the oarlock and how it works are here

And the pre-order page is here


The announced price of $649 plus delivery per oarlock 

General thoughts – Aside from the relief that of one of the many promised power meters is now actually going to hit the market, the price  they are aiming for is a good target as its significantly lower than all of the current power meters on the market, which brings using power to improve your rowing into range of club athletes – particularly if you already have the NK GPS stroke coach which is used as a screen for the oarlock
Looking forward to getting hands on with one!


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2 Responses to NK open pre orders for Empower oarlock

  1. Richard says:

    $649 USD per gate is significantly more than the OarInspired Package. Especially for someone without a SpeedCoach 2.0 GPS.

    I wonder when NK will confirm if one SpeedCoach2GPS can manage the data from two gates? I think this is important to know for scullers.

    Or could one gate be enough for a sculler? Then just assuming that you are doing things symmetrically when going in a straight line. So what ever the power is on one gate you just double for total power. Could having two really show up a lot more? Would catch angles etc really differ significantly between sides. Could you swap the gate between sides between outings, or do gates have a stroke and bow difference?

    I guess a reaction will now have to come from OarInspired because if there isn’t an increase in news and possible release date information about their products they will now start to miss out on sales.

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