Yepp announce new wireless power meter gate – The Forcegate

This was completely off my radar (but it is always good to see another player entering the market) but yesterday Yepp announced their plans to bring a new wireless rowing meter to the market on the 26th January – the Forcegate

Yepp are an Australian rowing technology company  who currently have a rowing specific camera system available which apprears to be primarily aimed at larger clubs/squads) of around 30 athletes or more.  Called sibi, it includes a camera which attaches to the top of the rigger and films in 360 degrees  to allow filming of the blade and rower simultaneously for coaches to review back with the athlete after the outing. The system uses the before mentioned cameras units, but there is also a bridge unit, which goes in the boat and communicates with the cameras to ensure they are all aligned and also communicates with the coaches bridge unit,  and a hub unit – which stays on the bank and allows charging and uploading data up to the Yepp cloud network for review and sharing with the athletes using the supported analyst app.

As mentioned, the sibi system looks to be aimed mostly at the larger clubs, and so at its simplest it is a starter pack with 4 camera’s, two bridges and one hub (enough to set up 1x four or 1x double or 2x pairs or 2x singles) – pricing is variable between countries but last time of checking it was approximately $3000 AUD which includes

  • 1 head coach licence
  • 2 admin licences
  • 5 coach licences
  • 30 athlete licences

There is also a monthly fee for the maintenance of the cloud services of around $300 AUD although it is worth noting that spread amongst the almost 40 licences that are included only comes to around $0.30 AUD a day.

The intention of bringing the forcegate into the system is to make it possible to overlay the data ontop of the video, making it easier to see what effect on the force curve the rowers technique is having as shown below

Yepp - overlayed data

Details are currently thin on the ground on the forcegate at this time but currently their list of measurables are:

• gate pressure
• handle force
• slip angle
• athlete efficiency
• stroke arc
• 100Hz data
• complete integration
YePPcloud storage


I also find the rendered image interesting as, although it is difficult to make out specific details, it clearly is a different oarlock design to the normal Concept 2 oarlock , the notch at the front and what looks like a hinge at the top/back of the oarlock strikes me as similar to the magic oarlock (who are also based in Australia) so it will be interesting to see what redesign they have made.

All in all it looks like a very interesting piece of technology which potentially will be the first to the market just before Oarinspired and NK  who are both also aiming for Q1 2016.

Yepp’s Forcegate looks interesting since, it is planned from the outset to closely integrate video and force data into one product, making it much easier to review it back later and see how the rowers technique is impacting the force curve, plus it is the only solution I have seen that allows you to mount the camera on the boat (rather than a coaches launch) meaning it is more useful for larger squads where the coach has to share their time, or uncoached individuals who want to record themselves and playback the data later for self review. The main issue that I can currently see is that there is currently no indication of whether the force data will be view-able “live” when rowing, it currently looks like a “record and review” later system which is less ideal since you can’t act on it as you are rowing, plus there is no information on pricing at this time. However with several months to go before launch hopefully these two pieces of information (as well as more details about the new style gate) will filter out.

2016 is shaping up to be quite an exciting year!


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6 Responses to Yepp announce new wireless power meter gate – The Forcegate

  1. I think you’re right. Lot’s of interesting technology coming in 2016. I see it as part of a larger trend including fitbits, and other exercise trackers. More and more “casual” athletes are looking for ways to use technology to improve performance. Rowing and bicycling are two sports with very specific measurement challenges, measuring force and power as part of a system that includes both the athlete and equipment. As a marketing professional, the other common element between bicycling and rowing that I see is a large population of middle age men who have more money than natural ability and want to figure out how to get the most out of what they have.

    In terms of video and data intergation. I think that the coaches version of RIM allows you to overlay video and acceleration data to try to line up elements of the stroke to characteristics of the curve. But I think it essentially needs a coach in a launch filming to make it work.

  2. Richard says:

    I am amazed that some kind of two way communication system hasn’t shown up in all these wireless connected devices.

    Our wired cox boxes are always going nuts, and I can never hear what the coach is shouting from the river bank or boat following. I hadn’t seen the YePP tech until now those camera’s would be perfect to have little speakers in while wirelessly linked to the cox and the coach.

    I have suspicion Oar Inspired is going to have a speaker in their screens 😉

    Agree with you both 2016 is getting exciting with all this rowing tech porn.

    • stelph82 says:

      You are right that oarinspired have this feature, each screen has speakers and a mic socket so the cox/coach can communicate wirelessly between screens so it would be a replacement for the coxbox/megaphone – if you check out their website there’s a page for coaches which shows this setup

  3. Richard says:

    Yes that sounds very good –

    River banks of the world will finally get rid of the screech of a coach that can’t be heard.

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