Nielsen Kellerman announce plans for wireless power meter

At the Head of the Charles regatta this weekend, NK had on display their planned new wireless power meter built into a standard rowing gate, as you can see below  

Here are some of the details that they are planning to track with the new gate

 Initial thoughts 

  • NK are certainly on the right track with this product, wireless connection to the excellent GPS 2.0 should result in a reliable product, it would also be good to see smartphone support at some point
  • Measurement of force is good, but what is also good to hear is that NK understand that the outputting data needs some clarification for rowers/coaches so they know what they are trying to aim for – apparently they are getting advise from leaders in the rowing biomechanics world in developing this 
  • As well as support for the wireless gate, NK are also targeting future updates to the features of the GPS2 – although none are confirmed, all the ones I suggested (such as start/stop on GPS location, connecting and recording C2 PM5 workouts, smartphone app downloads) are all possible with future firmware updates so I hope to see those features filter through soon 
  • Connecting via Bluetooth isn’t as ideal as with ANT+ since Bluetooth is only a 1-1 connection (I.e. Gate to GPS2) you wouldn’t be able to view the data on other devices like a coaches GPS without getting additional tech (which is shown below), also I imagine you wouldn’t be able to see multiple curves on the same device – ie in a pair bow can see both his and strokes curves, which would help with live updates to technique 


  • Looking at the gate itself the first thought I had was that it’s quite bulky at the back which could cause issues with “bow riggers” – although this could be solved with bigger c-cups on the riggers holding the pins 

Chatting to the staff at the stand it certainly seems like a product they are excited to bring to the market, and they are aiming for sometime in Q1 2016 although I think that may be an overly aggressive target if they didn’t have a working prototype to show, considering the difficulty other companies seem to have with bringing the same tech to market.

All in all tho, despite some concerns  it is good to see the direction NK are going with their products, and it is good to see another power meter aiming to hit the market sometime next year.


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9 Responses to Nielsen Kellerman announce plans for wireless power meter

  1. Very cool. It’s good to see that this area is heating up. I just saw that Oar Inspired is starting some trials with Australian Rowing. There might be two different choices to compare by the middle of next year.

    • stelph82 says:

      Yes will be interesting to see how they pan out. Just from what I have seen so far I think Oarinspired have an advantage in that their system seems a lot more modular than the NK plans with a screen that is a lot more flexible with the information that it can show, especially data from more than one device (so more useful in crew boats). But it’s great to see several companies looking to enter the market which will hopefully drive innovation and pricing

  2. bendredman says:

    I guess a lot of Oar Inspired delays are just related to being a new business and testing out suppliers etc. Also NK is a bigger company so could throw some manpower at it…

    Still can’t wait to get my hands on the Oar inspired stuff though. When it eventually comes!

    • stelph82 says:

      True NK are more established, but with simple things like a smartphone app to download workouts from the GPS 2.0 still not being released I wonder if something hugely more ambitious like these wireless gates are really going to come out this quick, would be happy to be proven wrong tho!

      Agree can’t wait to get my hands on either of the kits when they come out, data overload!

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  4. Gabriel says:

    I don’t use it yet. Hope this will hit the market in the next season.

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