New BAT logic quick release adapter 

BAT Logic, who are known for their range of Nike rowing shoes and angled shoeplates that are used by a number of international squads (e.g. AUS), have recently announced a new quick release shoeplate that looks to make it easier to move shoes within and between boats, something that usually takes  significant amount of time if you have crews sharing boats or if you have a few rowers with significantly different sized shoes

The quick release system also looks to work with the erg adapter they offer so in theory it could also save you money as you could share one pair of shoes between the erg and scull (just have quick release adapters on both)

Currently I have only seen the videos linked here so I haven’t had hands on with the system or know what the prices are like, but It does look a very neat system that’s quite robust (doesn’t look like an accidental disengage is possible) that would be useful to some squads, if possible it would also be good to perhaps see a “sole” adapter come out that you can use to walk around with from the clubhouse/river as that would mean one less pair of trainers to leave on the bank/in the boat


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I am a rower who is a lot of a technology geek as well!
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