NK release an updated model of their GPS Speedcoach – The Speedcoach GPS2

This month NK have released an updated model of their GPS Speedcoach, the Speedcoach GPS2.

From the outside, not much appears to have changed. The case and the screen are both the same so the two models do appear very alike, but the changes all inside have improved the model no end. NK have released two GPS models, the standard model and the model “with training pack”. The features of each are

Standard GPS2
Improved Data Recall and Interval Summaries — 25 hours of memory
Upgradeable Firmware
Auto Backlight

GPS2 with training pack
Programmable Workouts (Training Pack only)
Heart Rate (Training Pack only)
Compatible with LiNK – NK’s connected environment of apps, web analytics, and sensors (Training Pack only)


The announcement of LiNK suggests that you will soon be able to connect your NK Speedcoach with mobile device (iOS/android) or PC and then download the outing for easier review and possibly even use the mobile app to prepare outings and wireless update the Speedcoach ready for your outing. In addition NK say they are also planning to release the .api for connecting to the Speedcoach, which means other app developers can add support to their own apps, so we may say other third party app developers coming out with inventive ways to display and analyse your rowing data post outing. Although currently there’s no set date for release of LiNK and the .api its suggested that NK may be aiming for sometime in Feb.

One other thing that is of interest is the mention that LiNK is planned to include sensors, the addition of bluetooth means that any bluetooth device is potentially able to connect to the Speedcoach so perhaps meaning in the long term there’s the potential for NK to provide or support a range of bluetooth gates or footplates to measure the rowers force? We are seeing several of the newer start up companies like Oarinspired and Rowing in Motion looking to bring out their own wireless force measuring systems so it’s good to see NK also have a similar interest in the market, although I suspect it may still be in the planning phase so if a product does come out it may not be for a couple of years.

The only downside to this announcement is that all of these features are only applicable to the NK Speedcoach 2, if you have the first model then there is no way to update it to gain any of the features, even the addition of workouts (a major omission to the first GPS Speedcoach in my opinion) but on the positive side NK have released the GPS 2 at the same price of their previous model from at $399 in the US or from £329 in the UK. For the additional features of HR, workouts, LiNK etc look for the model including the training pack.

All in all a good solid update to the NK Speedcoach GPS with some much needed updates (adding workouts) and an interesting insight into what NK have planned for the next few years.

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