Update to Rowing in Motion pricing structure

Theres been a recent update to the Rowing in Motion app where the developers have decided to change the pricing structure of the app and I think its worth writing a quick post to highlight the changes.

Previously the app was available in a free and paid version, the free app being a “test” app that allowed you to use the app for a limited time before it stopped recording, after which you would have to buy the app, which is the standard way that developers tend to allow demonstartions of the app before yu have to fork out the full payment

Now however the devs have decided to change tack slightly with the apps and so now you have a basic and professional app versions, the difference between the old “free” app and the new basic app is that instead of allowing all functions for a limited time, developers have decided to allow limited functions for an unlimited time, with the rest of the functions being unlocked whn you pay for the app. Below is a list of the function that can with the free app and those that can be unlocked:


If you look at the functionality of the basic app, and compare it to an NK SpeedCoach, you can see what you are essentially getting a free app that turns your iPhone into a SpeedCoach Gold, free (rate, speed, recording)! This, in anyones books, is a real bargain and certainly makes it the best in boat app around at the moment if you want to track rate and speed and analyse the outing afterwards, it’s also a clever move by the developers since it will introduce people to the app and then once they have got used to using the app and its basic features, they will be more likely to want to upgrade to get the most out of the app that they can.

So why not download the free app and try it today, don’t forget to get a waterproof case for your iPhone though…


About stelph82

I am a rower who is a lot of a technology geek as well!
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