DC Rainmaker review of the Kayak Power Meter

Yesterday DC Rainmaker (The guru of cycling technology, check out his blog here) had a hands on with the Kayak Power Meter System which is an interesting read as the system looks to work in a similar way to the SmartOar that you can currently buy, in that it measures the force being applied to the blade rather than to the oarlock like with most of the systems on the market, although the Kayak meter is using ANT+ as the wireless connection, where as the smartoar uses its own transmission system, which means you wouldnt be able to use your smartphone or tablet as a recording device (although smartoar do sell a tablet for live feedback)

It is good to see other water sports like Kayaking are starting to get companies support with powermeters in the same way as cycling, as mentioned in an earlier post, I personally feel that rowing could see a massive shift in both training and coaching once powermeters become more affordable in the sport, and this is at least one indication that the change is coming


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I am a rower who is a lot of a technology geek as well!
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