Say hello to Earl – A outdoor tablet with potential uses in rowing

Just a quick post to highlight this interesting product, a rugged outdoor tablet called Earl.


(you can choose to buy Earl in either snow/white or coal/black)

Earl is an interesting newcomer to the tablet market, interesting because it is designed to be both rugged and waterproof and used out and about, for this it has a tough design and solar panel for maintaining the battery charge, but its main feature over other tablets is that it uses an e-ink screen, which is a much better option than LCD for outdoor use. The tablet also supports ANT+ so you can sync up heart rate monitors or, if you were cycling, power meters and cadence sensors, and has a very accurate GPS chip which would make it better for measuring speed and location, and even has a two way radio so in theory you could have the coach communicate with you in the boat through the tablet.

The tablet runs Android and will come with Google play, so really is an ideal candidate for running something like the boatcoach app or even the recently announced Android branch of the Rowing in Motion app, and is currently priced at $299. Lets just consider that for a moment. $249 for a device that can measure rate, speed, heart rate, two way radio, GPS location, acceleration…. The equivalent NK Device would be the NK Speedcoach XL4 which costs $599. And that doesnt let you install a kindle book reading app to read and relax between sessions

I dont know about you but I’m ordering one


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I am a rower who is a lot of a technology geek as well!
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2 Responses to Say hello to Earl – A outdoor tablet with potential uses in rowing

  1. Hi Tom,

    that looks like a great device for Rowing in Motion indeed. I wonder whether the e-ink display could hold up with a realtime graph (probably not but refreshing the display once per stroke should be enough).

    With the waterproof XperiaZ and Samsung expected to release an Outdoor version of the S4 I’m sure we’ll also see more and more high-end hardware that sports technology can be built on 🙂

    • stelph82 says:

      I had wondered about the refresh rates, i have seem some great videos of the nook touch being hacked for a much faster refresh rate (which makes it possible to play angry birds), al it might be possible for it to draw the curve “live”. Also I contacted the developers and according to them:

      “Our screen is capable of faster refreshes, though because we are pitching Earl as low power, we limited the speed of the screen. Developers will be able to take advantage of faster refreshes for apps if they choose to do so. ”

      It will be interesting to see exactly what speed this can get up to and of it makes it workabl

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