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Using an iPad to edit, review and coach rowing videos

At the recent coaches talk with Robin Williams that I blogged about previous, one question that was asked was “What piece of tech do you think is most useful for coaching?”, to which he instantly answered the Camcorder. Camcorders allow … Continue reading

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Rowing Chat by Rowperfect – Coaching the Coaches

Rowperfect has recently launched a rowingchat service aimed at bringing in top coaches from around the world to talk about their experiences and to then answer questions and open discussions amongst those on the call This month on the … Continue reading

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Interview with Connie Draper – Biomechanist for AIS rowing

When browsing the tube of you recently I found this video of an interview with Connie Draper by Sykes Racing which was really interesting so I thought I’d link it here and briefly post comments on what she said and … Continue reading

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