OarInspired – Show your interest

Just a quick post to highlight that I noticed today that Oarinspired have updated their website to mention proposed availability of their product:


It is good to see that Oarinspired have committed to  a “low margin high volume approach to make the technology affordable” since I feel affordability is one of the main blocks to greater uptake of power meters in Rowing, but I also wanted to draw attention to this page as towards the bottom of the page they have included a survey that you can complete to express your interest in their product.

I have talked before about how I feel that the introduction of a reasonably priced power meter for rowing could have a large impact on how we structure our rowing and training, but do you agree? This survey is a great way for you to express your interest in this area and show your support if this is a product you would be interested in investing in.


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I am a rower who is a lot of a technology geek as well!
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