How to create a video of your course in google earth in real time

Following a question from one reader I thought I’d quickly write a post outlining how you can create a your own video of the replay of your row/race that was recorded using the speed coach app in realtime for later review.

By real time playback I mean the video plays back exact exactly the same speed as it was recorded, which can be useful when overlaying it with the data or video of your rowing to see if your course had any affect on your rowing, see this video for an example, the google earth playback is in the top left

In order to do this I use an exported .gpx file from the iOS app (which I have posted about earlier and you can get here.

In order to get the .gpx file, within the app on the iPhone go to the history tab, select your workout, and press export GPX via file. Then you are able to download it from iTunes’s onto your PC

In order to playback in real time in google earth I use Active GPX Route player which is found here, it can be used free with limitations or you can pay for a licence,

The software is quite easy to use, i created the following video which shows me downloading the .gpx file to my PC and then uploading it into gpx player and then playing back in google earth

To record the live playback personally I use FRAPS since I already have a license and because it’s a solid piece of software that works well, however if you are looking for a free option then the option source CAMSTUDIO is a good option, although I have had problems with crashes for longer (1-2 hour training pieces etc) recordings.


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  1. It’s great though. I get to do a lot of things.

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