Rowing visual feedback system – Develop your own using a smartphone and ContourGPS

More a thought experiment than anything as I dont have a ContourGPS to test it with!

One tool a lot of international squads have started to use are something called the visual feedback system,the idea being as the rower rows they can view themselves and spot/correct their technique during the outing, currently one option is below for £1795

This is an excellent system and very high quality with benefits that are obvious, however it is very much out of the price range of a lot of rowers (especially after buying your own boat!), however one of the features of the ContourGPS may offer a solution to people looking for a cheaper option.

The Contour range of camera’s are a less popular version when compared to the standard GoPro Range, however they do have a lot of excellent features that make then stand out in comparison, for one the option to add a bluetooth card to the camera and then download an app to your smartphone and then have a wireless “live view” from the camera

SO with the smartphone attached in the boat you can actually view the live footage as you are rowing, you could even invest in a pair of video sunglasses to view the footage on the iPhone

The major drawback to this is the low refresh rate of the live camera at only 8 FPS so its certainly not an ideal system and not as refined as the Activetools version, however it is certainl


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I am a rower who is a lot of a technology geek as well!
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