Filming from another perspective…..

Recently I watched a video from the world championships that was made by the Danish lightweight quad where the user had attached a go pro camera to his head:

Danish head video footage

Which came out with some excellent footage, but I think makes you look a little odd!

As an alternative to this, and wondering if I could find anything that could be used in a race, I bought myself a pair of video sunglasses from camsports


Although I have a pair go cheap generic sunglasses, these actually go up to 720p and also have a lens that views 135 degrees so gives a much wider view of what’s going on.

In use the sunglasses are very comfortable, and switch on and off with just a single press of the button on the side so is very easy to start while you are waiting for the start of a race. Here is a video I took of a recent sculling race
Camsports sculling footage

Certainly gives a new angle on re-viewing a race! Not so useful for reviewing technique in this set up, however you could give them to a cox of a sternloader to review the rowing/coxing talking or even the bowman of a 4- as I had in the video below

4s head


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I am a rower who is a lot of a technology geek as well!
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