Overlaying speedcoach data ontop of video

One thing I have found with taking video of rowing is that a lot of the time it is difficult to judge exactly what difference to the boat speed changing technique/rates can make. You can review your strokcoach data back but its difficult to visualise what you were doing at the time so I wanted to find a way of overlaying the data ontop of the video so you can actually see both the rowing, and data from the strokecoach, at the same time.

After quite a lot of experimentation I managed to find a working combination which can result in videos like this:


iPhone (running the NK Speedcoach app) – To capture the data from rowing

Camera (see my previous post on possible cameras)

PC software – Dashware

– Your video editor of choice (to edit the Dashware output) – Mine is                                            Powerdirector

1) Collect the data

Mount the camera and attach your iPhone running the NK app to the boat, personally I have an iDry which I have put velcro on the back to secure it to the boat, this means the phone is dry and safe and can be easily removed.

2) Transfer the data to the PC

Copy the video and iPhone data to your PC (i usually order the videos intheir own folders per date). To get the data off the iPhone go into the app, select history, select the workout that you are after, click the specific workout (I usually have recorded the workout as “just go”, click “export CSV” then you can download the data from the iPhone within itunes

3) Adding the gauges in Dashware

Before you start with Dashware you need to add the NK gauge and the profile for the iPhone data into dashware, these can be found here. Under Windows 7 the folders that they need to be added to are under “libraries” -> “Documents” -> “Dashware” -> Add the NK gauge to “Gauges” and the profile to “dataprofiles”

EDIT – Apparently the link now doesn’t work to the dashware forums 😦 the most recent Dashware actually includes rowing gauge and the dataprofile for TCX, so if you export the .tcx this should work natively with Dashware and the .tcx file exported from the app

EDIT 2 – Linked is the dataprofile that works with the .csv file that the speedcoach app exports, if you add that to the dashware dataprofiles folder then Dashware should work nice with the .csv files from the app


Load up Dashware and it will ask you to select a new video, select the video you have taken and wait for it to load. Once it is loaded click on the plus symbol in the data file and add your data file from the iphone you saved earlier, Dashware should automatically come up with the “speedcoach for iPhone” profile

Now all you have to do is change the gauges to the one you prefer (usually the NK gauge and possibly the map), synchronise the data with the video using the synchronisation tab and then file -> create video (note: not sure if its the same for everyone but I find the output video type Mpeg2 High quility, large file size to be the best and works bets with Powerdirector)

4) Editing/adding to the video

As mentioned, I use powerdirector just to trim the video down from the usual 1-2 hour videos to the important things, plus in the video editor you can add more information  like a readout from GoogleEarth/other camera footage etc, as an example:

I have filmed myself running through this process so if it helps to watch it being done (and helps clarify points I have missed/any questions you may have)

Hope this helps! Best of luck creating your own videos!


About stelph82

I am a rower who is a lot of a technology geek as well!
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19 Responses to Overlaying speedcoach data ontop of video

  1. Chris says:

    Great blog! Just got myself a gopro hero2, have mainly been faffing with artsty photo’s so far, but have just got footage from our HORR boat, and a teammate sent me some data from his iphone app. The forum you noted below for the Gauge doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Any chance you have a newer link?

    Dashware seems like a pretty decent app, did you build the Gauge yourself? I have an android and it would be great to build some gauges to get stroke data etc off that instead!


    • stelph82 says:

      Hi Chris, good to hear you got some footage as well, would be keen to see the footage if it goes on YouTube! I got some footage from the bowseat of my 8+ going off 30th do hope to upload that soon.

      With regards to the gauge, I built it with help from the dash ware team, I hadn’t noticed that the link was broken but am pleased to announce that a couple of updates ago dashware updated the program to include the gauge and data profile for the nk iPhone app so you literally just have to load up dashware, pick your video and data and it’ll recognise the data profile and you can then find the gauge from the standard list (called “rowing info”). Ill update my guide to reflect this.

      If you get stuck leave a message and ill try and help, remember Dashware has a free trial so you can have a play before you pull the trigger on buying the software

  2. Rob Fox says:


    Another video obsessed rower here, stelph82 your excellent blog and videos have given me plenty of ideas. I have a GoPro HERO2 and have been playing around with dashware and some GPS tracks i saved out of a Garmin Forerunner 405. Its looking good and ive got the video synced up nicely. The only thing im struggling to ‘borrow’ from your videos is the google maps overlay. Im assuming this isnt part of dashware but something you captured from google earth? Ive been looking at Tours but cant get it to play back at real time, any advice on how you did this?

    Looks like you row for a Nottingham Club, im at Leicester RC (http://www.youtube.com/leicesterrowingclub). Might see you around…

    • stelph82 says:

      Hi Rob, good to hear my posts are being useful!. Your question actually encouraged me to do a new post on how I capture the live plaback in google earth so check out the most recent post and it shows how ive been doing it, essentially it involves using a program called Active GPX Route Player as, like ou, couldnt seem to work out how to use Google Tours to playback in realtime without buying a licence.

      Im actually based in Henley so a bit far from Nottingham, woiuld be interested to see any video you put up on youtube however if you decide to share it

      • Rob Fox says:

        Thanks for getting back so quickly. A post would be great, then you will have covered all the tricks you have used in your videos. Thanks for putting me onto Active GPX, ive had a play and can see how you have done it. Ive had to change a few settings to get a result im happy with although its still a bit jerky in its movements although that might be the GPS track im using. Can i assume you then use something like Camstudio to screen grab the Google Earth video?

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  4. coal trader says:

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  5. P Courtney says:

    Hey I love this idea, but can’t seem to find the NK guages anywhere. Does anyone have any idea where I could find them? And I actually use a Speed Coach and not the iPhone app, but I assume the data output is pretty similar. Thanks in advance.

    • stelph82 says:

      The gauges I made really by taking the rowing gauge and putting a photo of the NK speedcoach as a background so it looks like the NK one.

      I think you could make this process work with the proper SpeedCoach but it would need the gauge changing because the data will be outputted in a different format! If I ever get a SpeedCoach gold ill work out how to do it

  6. Greg Smith says:

    Hi, The link to the speedcoach gauge and data profile is broken. it looks like Dashware has taken their forums off line. Do you know another place where one could get the gauge and data profile?


    • stelph82 says:

      I will check but I believe the current Dashware software includes a gauge and data profile now as standard since they had helped me create it, have you tried loading the outputted file from the iPhone into Dashware and see what happens?

      • Greg Smith says:

        Hi, Thanks for the pointer. I was confused because I thought that the CSV export was supposed to be used, when in fact that it was the TCX export. I went back and tried the rowing gauge with a TCX export from the (newly renamed_ crewnerd app. Most of it worked, but the pace field was incorrect. I dug into and found that it was being mapped to the inverse of the cadence, not to a speed variable. I fixed in a clone of the data profile and meter and now it works like a champ! If you want to see some bad rowing, check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vI_Ui__fR-4

  7. Michael Dorus says:

    Hello, I am trying to follow your tutorial, however Dashware doesn’t seem to have a data profile for the .csv file. They only have one for .TCX called “TCX for Rowing” which doesnt provide what we are looking for I believe. Any chance you have your profile you can post? Thanks!

    • Michael Dorus says:

      I see what the error is now, just like in Gregory Smith’s post. However, I still cannot figure out how to get it to display speed in turns of time/500m instead of m/s or miles/hr.

      • stelph82 says:

        Ill try and work out why it works in my Dashware and get back to you, TBH I Havent created a video like this in a little while so I i will have to remind myself!

      • stelph82 says:

        Ive tried to link to a file with my dropbox that should allow you to use the outputted .CSV files as I described above, let me know if you can get it and if that works any better

  8. Michael says:

    You can share your gauges directly through the DashWare site now if you wish http://www.dashware.net/download-gauges/.

  9. Hi, I just created a Template for the FIT files exported from the NK SpeedCoach GPS 2 (with Data Pack). It works with the Rowing Gauge. Do you know where DashWare collects user generated templates?

    • stelph82 says:

      I have to admit i am not sure, Dashware has been aquired by GoPro and so after releasing their last version as free for all I dont tknow how much activity there is on the software anymore

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