SpeedCoach Mobile (iPhone)

As smartphones become more powerful (and cheaper!) its worth looking into different ways that we can use them in our day to day lives. One way is to fund ways of using it for rowing, using the iPhone Speedcoach app for iOS


This is an application that means your iPhone can replace a strokecoach/speedcoach in the boat by using the iPhones accelerometer and GPS to calculate strokerate, boatcheck and boat speed, all for a one off payment of £29.99.

When you compare this to the cheapest strokecoach from NK at £144 you can see there is a big saving to make. This obviously doesn’t take into account protecting the phone from water damage, but I personally use an iDry which is a reasonably priced case at £13.49 on amazon:


Theres a very good review of the app here,


Note: The review does mention a downside of the app being having to use Facebook to download and share workouts, however the app has been updated so that to download your workouts directly to the PC so you can use your own software to analyse your workout.

My personal feeling? It is a great app with a lot of potential (see my last post where I have added the data from the iPhone ontop of the videos taken of the rowing) and the strokerates/speed/location is very useful, not just for the rowers but also the cox (for head races you can analyse the course the cox has taken so you can give additional advice). plus when I go to regattas on my own or even go sculling at night on my own) its nice to be sure you have your phone with you at all times!


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